Edison Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to developing treatments for mitochondrial disease

We believe that a deep understanding of biological energy systems will allow us to discover new approaches to human health and disease

Latest Publications

“Rational Drug Development for Neuromuscular Disorders” Presented at 2014 Muscular Dystrophy Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

“CoQ10 analogues targeting mitochondrial impairment in Huntington’s disease”, W. D. Shrader, V. Kheifets, O. Jankowski, A. Barnes, A. Amagata and G. Miller, 2008 Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry,79 (Supplement 1), pp A7-A7

“Clinical and radiological evidence for EPI-743 neuroprotection in mitochondrial disease”, F. Blankenberg, S. L. Perlman, S. L. Kinsman, K. M. Spicer, A. Barnes, V. Kheifets, W. D. Shrader, M. Thoolen, G. Miller and G. M. Enns, 2011 Annals of Neurology,70 (Supplement 15), pp S148-S148