About Edison

Edison is a world leader in the discovery and development of redox drugs. The company has obtained orphan designation in both the United States and Europe for its first drug candidate, EPI-743 (Vincerinone®). Vincerinone® is now in phase 2 clinical development. It is being evaluated in multiple clinical indications where defects in the mitochondrial proteins and redox control have been well characterized.

Research Efforts

Edison Pharmaceuticals’ research efforts are focused on the science of cellular energy and the development of drugs targeting the control of metabolism. Our first clinical indications are a group of diseases collectively known as “mitochondrial disease.” These diseases are frequently inherited and primarily affect children. They commonly result in severe neurological impairment and death. At present, there are no FDA- or EMA-approved treatments. Mitochondrial diseases share a common feature: defects in DNA that encode for proteins critical to the proper handling of electrons. The process of regulating the flow of electrons is known as redox control, and it is essential to the generation and regulation of energy. Thus, mitochondrial diseases are diseases of redox control.

Company Strategy

The Company’s strategy is to first gain approval for EPI-743 for orphan mitochondrial disease. It is already applying what it has learned from the study of these diseases to developing potential treatments for other neurological diseases with shared (redox) disease mechanisms.


Guy Miller, MD, PhD

Chairman & CEO

Guy Miller, MD, PhD is the co-founder of Edison Pharmaceuticals, and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Board since 2005. Prior to founding Edison, he founded Galileo Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company, and was its Chairman and CEO from 1995-2005. Dr. Miller holds an MD from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Virginia. He completed his surgical internship at the University of Chicago, and a residency in anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Miller completed a fellowship in multidisciplinary critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins, where he was on the faculty as an Assistant Professor until 1996. He is currently an attending physician in medical-surgical critical care medicine at Stanford University-PAVAMC.

Matthew B. Klein, MD, MS, FACS

Chief Medical Officer

Matthew B. Klein, MD, MS, FACS is Chief Medical Officer of Edison Pharmaceuticals. He received his MD degree from Yale University and completed his surgical training at Stanford University. He also holds a Masters degree in Epidemiology. Dr. Klein most recently held the David and Nancy Auth-Washington Research Foundation Endowed Chair for Restorative Burn Surgery at the University of Washington where he was a professor of surgery and epidemiology. His clinical and research expertise spans several fields, including skin biology, wound healing, systemic inflammatory disorders, clinical trials, and nutrition. Dr. Klein has authored or co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 15 book chapters related to these areas, and sits on the editorial review boards of several prominent biomedical journals. He is currently a clinical associate professor at Stanford University.

Martin Thoolen, PhD

Chief Drug Development Officer

Martin J. Thoolen, PhD has served as Edison’s Chief Drug Development Officer since 2009. Prior to joining Edison, Dr. Thoolen held positions with increasing responsibilities at Amgen and Tularik. He has over 25 years in pharmaceutical R&D. Other companies he has been employed at include DuPont Biopharmaceuticals, DuPont-Merck, and Nuvelo. He was co-founder of Cerulean Biosciences. Dr. Thoolen’s pharmaceutical R&D expertise includes non-clinical and clinical development of small molecules, proteins, oligonucleotides, and radiopharmaceuticals in cardiovascular disease, neurology, oncology, thrombosis, immunology and inflammation, metabolic diseases, and anti-bacterial. He contributed to many successful regulatory submissions including more than 15 IND/CTXs and two NDAs, has authored or co-authored more than 100 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics for 15 years. He earned his PhD in Pharmacology (cum laude) in 1982 at the University of Amsterdam.

William D. Shrader, PhD

Senior Vice President of Innovation

William D. Shrader, PhD is the Senior Vice President of Innovation at Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Shrader obtained his BS in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana and his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Shrader was a National Institute of Health (NIH) postdoctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology. He has previously held positions at Abbott Laboratories, Celera Genomics, and Ampere Life Sciences, where he directed programs in thrombosis, oncology, and inflammation. His research expertise spans several fields, including medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug discovery, and enzymology. Dr. Shrader is the author on more than 25 peer-reviewed journal articles in these fields.

Peter P. Giannousis, PhD

Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing

Peter P. Giannousis, PhD consulted on CMC Development for over two years prior to joining Edison. Prior to consulting, he was Senior Director of CMC Development at The Vaccine Company, where he was responsible for the development and outsourcing of manufacturing processes and analytical methods to supply drug substance, drug product, and drug kits for clinical trials. He has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including process research and development, Quality Assurance, CMC project management, analytical, and pharmaceutical development. Dr. Giannousis has previously held positions of increasing responsibility at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sugen (a Pharmacia company), and Scios (a J&J company). He received a BS in chemistry from MIT, and a PhD in bioorganic chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kerstin K. Leuther, PhD

Vice President, R&D Operations/Alliance Management

Kerstin K. Leuther, PhD is Edison’s Vice President of R&D Operations/Alliance Management. Before joining Edison, Dr. Leuther was the Executive Director of Alliance and Project Management at Affymax, Inc., having joined Affymax as a staff scientist. At Affymax, she was responsible for the central coordination of cross-functional activities for Affymax’s lead investigational drug candidate, and managed cross-functional project teams in R&D, commercial, and medical affairs departments at Affymax. Previously, she held various scientific positions in the Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology groups at Affymax Research Institute where she made key contributions in technology development and drug discovery. Dr. Leuther received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX, and a BA in Biology (summa cum laude) from Jamestown College in Jamestown, ND. She pursued postdoctoral studies in structural biology and biochemistry at Stanford University in Stanford, CA.

Jeff K. Trimmer, PhD

Vice President, Discovery

Jeff K. Trimmer, PhD is Edison’s Vice President, Discovery, and has 20+ years of scientific experience in metabolic and cardiovascular disease areas, systems biology/computational modeling, and business development.  Prior to joining Edison, Dr. Trimmer was Executive Director and Head of Diabetes Prevention & Remission and Systems Biology in Pfizer’s Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Endocrine Disease (CVMED) Research Unit.  In that position, he was responsible for the determination and implementation of the Research Unit’s near and long-term drug discovery and development strategy, and led a group of >30 scientists working on preclinical and clinical projects.  Before joining Pfizer, Dr. Trimmer was at Entelos, Inc. for ten years in increasingly responsible positions, ending as the Chief Scientific Officer.  Dr. Trimmer holds a PhD in Integrative Biology; with a concentration in Human Physiology and Metabolism from the University of California Berkeley.

Jim Gibson

Chief Financial Officer

James R. Gibson is the Chief Financial Officer at Edison Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Edison, Jim was a Director of Finance at Apple Inc. and oversaw the teams responsible for worldwide financial and unit forecasting and pricing system implementations supporting the Company’s continuous business expansion. Prior to Apple, Jim was the Corporate Controller at Tesla Motors, Inc. and Netflix, Inc. and had roles of increasing responsibility with Affymetrix, Inc. ending as the Principal Accounting Officer and Controller. Jim is a CPA and has a B.A. in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Matthew B. Murphy, JD

General Counsel

General Counsel

Matthew Murphy has spent 22 years representing cutting edge technology companies in the life sciences, nanotechnology, and clean technology spaces.  Prior to joining Edison, Mr. Murphy devoted over 15 years to representing companies in the genomics and broader life sciences industries, as Vice President and General Counsel for both 10X Genomics and Pacific Biosciences, and as Vice President of Intellectual Property for Caliper Technologies (now a division of Perkin Elmer). Mr. Murphy specializes in building and defending dominant intellectual property portfolios in the life sciences, and in leading legal operations that help develop, finance, and commercialize high growth companies.

Andrea Chow, PhD

Vice President, Measurement & Engineering

Vice President of Measurement & Engineering

Andrea Chow, PhD is the Vice President of Measurement & Engineering. She has over 25 years of broad R&D experience in the life science and aerospace industries, developing leading edge technologies in microfluidics, microfabrication, biomolecular transport, detection instrumentation, and advanced material processing. Prior to joining BioElectron, Dr. Chow held technical and management positions at Promega, Stanford Genome Technology Center, Caliper, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, and SRI International.  She has co-authored over 35 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and is a co-inventor on over 80 patents and patent applications. Dr. Chow obtained her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California and her MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University.  She was named among “100 Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era” by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in 2008.

Phil Leonard, JD, MBA

Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances

Phil Leonard is Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, with 20+ years of broad commercial experience in the life sciences. Prior to joining BioElectron, Mr. Leonard held Vice President roles in Business Operations and Strategic Marketing at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, leading a commercial team of >50 individuals in the auto-immune and rare diseases space. Earlier, Mr. Leonard held numerous leadership roles at Amgen in Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Business Analytics within the oncology, dermatology, nephrology and inflammation businesses. Mr. Leonard holds a JD with distinction, an MBA, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with distinction, from study at both the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.