Front-End Engineer

Posted on February 1, 2017


Job Title

Front-End Engineer


Edison Pharmaceuticals is looking for a front-end engineer to join our team.

About us:

  • Our stack consists of Flask, React/Redux, Postgres and Elasticsearch running on Linux.
  • We use technology to automate all aspects of science.
  • We use computer science to automate the collection and analysis of instrument data.
  • We develop tools to enhance collaboration and provide visibility across the organization.
  • We enjoy knowing our work makes an impact and is appreciated.
  • We like to make a difference in the organization and the world.
  • Take ownership of projects from design to implementation to deployment.
  • Tackle unique design and product problems relevant to the biotech industry.
  • Work closely with our scientific research divisions to develop world-class tools and applications.


Essential Experience
  • 3+ years experience with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Experience with a modern MV* framework (Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, etc.)
  • Experience with JavaScript bundlers (Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, etc.)
  • Can clearly articulate your decisions
  • Experienced with git
  • Comfortable developing in Linux or MacOS
Desirable Experience
  • Familiar with Agile/Kanban
  • Experience with CSS scripting language such as SASS or LESS
  • ES6 knowledge
  • Experience with JS data visualization libraries (Plotly, ChartJS, D3, etc.)
  • Familiar with Python and Python web frameworks (Flask, Pyramid, Django, etc.)
  • Strong grasp of usability and visual design
  • Interest in the biotech industry


Essential Attributes
  • You work well in a collaborative an open environment
  • You enjoy building well-engineered and flexible front-end components
  • You want to work closely with your application users to have a fast and iterative development cycle
  • You want to take ownership of projects and see them through to completion
  • You excel at working independently but can also interact with a team
  • Your attention to detail is exceptional
  • You're tenacious and willing to put in the extra effort to understand a solution or system completely
  • You have excellent communication skills

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